What we do

The technologies utilized for social infrastructure

Ensuring the quality on the civil engineering and construction is our great goal.

We offer necessary supports such as “survey, test and suggestion” in any given situation to maintain and improve quality from designing, construction to maintenance.


The technologies that support our safety and reassurance

We solve any living-environment related problems by surveying contaminations of soil, water, floating substance in atmosphere till insoluble treatment. In addition, our technology supports everyone’s safety and reassurance by investigation after natural disasters and proposals for countermeasures.

Our fields of work

From survey/test for the quality of social infrastructure to environmental pollution, consulting for natural disasters are our workplace. Based on the data obtained from the survey and test results, our experts will consult with you and propose answers to your concerns and worries.

1:Geological survey

We conduct geological survey to obtain the ground information necessary for the construction for civil engineering structures and buildings. We will provide technologies/ reports that meets highly accurate needs.

2:Geophysical exploring

Survey and diagnosis of various infrastructures in which aging is to be carried out will be carried out using 3D radar and pulse type underground radar.

3:Disaster prevention system

We provide installation of debris flow warning system · automatic monitoring system · various measurement equipment to ensure safety of construction site.

4:Ground survey

We conduct surveys and tests in various situations ranging from quality control to form control and provide customers highly accurate data.

5:Environmental research

We conduct surveys and tests on the natural environment including soil against environmental pollution concerned about human body and nature impact.

6:Non-destructive testing

We will investigate and diagnose not only social infrastructures such as roads, railways, ports, airports, water, gas and electricity but also buildings and condominiums.


In addition to consulting such as slope stability analysis · pollution diffusion analysis, drawing preparation as the basis of construction work is provided by the latest surveying technology.

8:Soil Purification・Ground reinforcement work

As a countermeasure against soft ground, we provide a safe and reassured living environment by forming a reinforcing body in the ground that secures stable strength and residential environment.