About us

As a company needed by our society in any times

We, C.E.Management Integrated Laboratory, have a mission to enrich living environment for people through surveys/tests on environmental conservation and improvement business. We place a high value on work ethics as laboratory and as engineers and all our employees conduct operations and services based on “Business objective” and “Action principle”. We pursuit not only financial growth as a company but also to fulfill the responsibilities for environment and society(CSR).

Business Objective

Our mission is to enrich people’s living environment. And in order to carry out the mission, we offer proactive consultation to our customers and take prompt action with appropriate information of the soil, water, atmosphere, construction inspection and survey.

Action Principle

“Be creative, have your own opinion and have yourself innovated”
Pride: Fulfill social contribution with pride and a sense of mission
Skill: Have lofty, ambitious spirit and self-improvement
Cost: Improve corporate efficiency and gain profit for customers

Doboku Kanri ism

*DK means abbreviation of the first half of corporate name in Japanese, Doboku Kanri.
We will reply “OK” to all needs from every customer with our variety of services and technical abilities as our driving power.

Corporate Philosophy