CSR Activities

For the society

We are doing activities to enrich people’s living environment such as region promotion and education promotion.


We accept wide internship from high school students to college students. We actively develop internship as an activity so that people can get to know our company.

●Work experience learning

We develop learning activities for students to experience actual occupation and work and to interact with employees through working in offices and at sites.

●Social welfare activity

Through blood donation volunteers and child sponsorship activities, we develop activities to improve the welfare of a whole society.

●Local events

We participate in Nagano · Shinonoi Binzuru Festival, mainly in Nagano Prefecture.
We value the connection with the community through events.

For the environment

The head offices and the all branches actively engage in each local environmental conservation activities.

●Beautification and Clean up Activity

We carry out regional cleaning and beautification activities. We actively participate in environmental beautification activities centering around the Environment Department.

●Environment event

We share the importance of the natural environment with local residents through participation in environmental events.

●Environmental Pile Method

Recently the relationship between housing and ecology has become a hot topic such as installation of solar panels and rooftop greenery. But penetration of ecology into life is not only visible part.